Month: April 2014

Lecture : Parametric Design & Architectural Design Optimization

During workshops Code of Space we will organize a lecture: Parametric Design & Architectural Design Optimization. We would like to invite anyone, who is interested in these subjects!

Place: Gallery Revolution (Галерея Revoлюция), ул. КарлаМаркса, 40, Irkutsk, Russia, 2nd floor
Date: 18th April 2014 Friday, 18.00
Entrance: free


Feel welcome to our lecture!

LabDigiFab: new cluster assembly!

Soon at 8th April  at 19:00 we going to inaugurate a series of meetings seminar KAWA+. At the meetings we will present and discuss the applications of advanced design techniques to specific embodiments in the architecture. This week we going to start with ICD / ITKE Research Pavilion 2012!

icd-itke_rp2012_rh_01 [Photographs by Roland Halbe; source:]