LabDigiFab will lead workshops at Advances in Architectual Geometry in London!

The group of people from LabDigiFab will lead workshops: “Prototyping optimization process in relation to solar analysis” at international event Advances in Architectural Geometry in London!
Place: UCL London
Time: 20-21 September 2014

Apart from our workshops, registered participants will be able to participate in other workshops such as:
WORKSHOP 2First Person Hologram by Gregory Epps (Founder, RoboFold / Robots.IO), Shajay Bhooshan (Zaha Hadid Architects (CoDe) / AA DRL Unit Master), Florent Michel (Lead Software Developer, RoboFold / Robots.IO)
WORKSHOP 6Tessellated Flexible Surfaces by Tomohiro Tachi (University of Tokyo), Daniel Piker (Foster+Partners, McNeel), Ass. Prof. Dr. Duks Koschitz (Pratt Institute, New York), Yusuke Oono (noiz architects)
The full list of workshops are aviable here:

To attend the confernce and to gain the possibility toparticipate in all workshops, register here:

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