“No representation without computation!” Milkowski

New book Explaining the Computational Mind (MIT Press, 2013),  written by Polish researcher Marcin Milkowski!

In this book, Marcin Milkowski argues that the mind can be explained computationally because it is itself computational — whether it engages in mental arithmetic, parses natural language, or processes the auditory signals that allow us to experience music.

On Milkowski’s view, Jerry Fodor’s slogan that there is no computation without representation should be replaced with the claim that there is no representation without computation, and David Marr’s computational, algorithmic, and implementation levels for describing of complex systems should be replaced with talk of different compositional levels in mechanistic explanation.

Full review avaiable:

A round square – nothing to do with 2014 FIFA World Cup

“A round square” is a short movie presented by Jakub Ławicki as an entree  to the forthcoming OSSA Szczecin 2014. OSSA  is one of the greatest  Polish architectural workshops and this year it will be held  in Szczecin.

This movie has nothing to do with 2014 FIFA World Cup 🙂