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LabDigifab at Winter University // Russia

Title : Walkability- optimized city concept – Irkutsk
Date: 21/02/2014
Place: Architects’House Черемховский пер, 1а,  Irkutsk, Russia
Event: presentation within the Winter University of Urban Planning Design,  15th Session

11 29 32 Panorama

photography by Роман Литвиненко

About Winter Univeristy
Winter University is a significant architectural event in this cold part of Russia called Siberia. Every year the participants from all over the world come to Irkutsk to work 3 weeks on developing new urban solutions for Irkutsk. This year, the subject of session was “Perestroika – Development and transformation of urban space”. Six teams of participants were working to develop projects on 3 sites in Irkutsk: «Deputatskaya», «Barrikad»and  «Yakobi». The fourth site «Tereshkovoy» was dedicated to the group of experts.  In the end the invited experts chose the winning project – proposal of Team F.

Research and conceptual project
Aim: Transform the existing city structure within the boundary of the 4th site «Tereshkovoy» into walkable neighborhood using as less measures as possible (minimal changes, minimal costs, maximal effectiveness)
Measures: Grasshopper+ Galapagos,
Solution: an algorithm, which points out the address of the new amenity (will be presented soon with the full results!)

At the moment, you could watch a small trailer, how the algorithm solves the geometrical problem:

The gradient symbolize the walkscore for particular residential building accordingly to the below image:bar a

I would like to thank organizators, especially  Aleksandra Kozak – the director of the Winter Univerisity for the their help and support in research preparation.  Thank you so much for the given possibility to be a part of this great event, which undoubtedly was 15th Session of Winter University!!!   – Judyta

WU thank you

photography by Роман Литвиненко (