Next workshops in parametric design in Cracow!

Crash course, intermediate level, physics simulations with Kangaroo and solar optimiation with genetic algorithms!

Course 1 – basics + optimization on the basis of solar analysis

  • dates: 11-12/10/2014
  • place: Biskupia 10/2 Cracow, Poland
  • price: 100 euro

Course 2 – intermediate+ physics simulations

  • dates: 18-19/10/2014
  • place: Biskupia 10/2 Cracow, Poland
  • price: 100euro

Course 1 + Course 2 – 150 euro

Full program and registaration avaiable here:  http://codeofspace.com/

New LabDigiFab Library

Dear readers!

We are happy to inform you, that we opened a small library in our office in Wroclaw! Everybody is welcome to come and read books and journals.

We also started a new subpage PDF Library, where you could find some interesting literature position about parametric and algorithmic design!  If you are looking for manuals, you will find them here Tutorials & Manuals.