Summer Pavilion

Cluster: Summer Pavilion
Aim: As we all know the first parametric pavilion, which was created by JaworDesignStudio and LabDigiFab is still standing . Time for a new challenge . During this semester we will create a parametric pavilion , using the technology of composite materials.
Meetings: every Thursday at 16:30 in LabDigiFab office

Together we will create a new design of the pavilion , and then we will build it with our hands !

In  March we start a series of lectures and project meetings in which you will learn about :
– problems encountered during the designing and contracting the previous pavilion
– a bit of timber structures and digital fabrication
– composite materials – what they are and how they can be effectively used in architectural design?
– How to design parametrically and generatively
and much, much more .

Welcome to the team!- This is your chance to participate in the course of study in the creation of the project from its conception, through the technologies to the realization ! !

Watch carefully our event – we will post here  any additional information !

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