Exhibition 2012

Exhibition 2012  – Parametric and Generative Architecture –  Epiphany or Evil?

Place: SARP, Oławska 21 , Wrocław, Poland

Dates: 7-12/12/2012

In the beginning of December 2012 LabDigiFab with cooperation with Jawor Design Studio and Wrocław University of Technology organized the exhibition with intriguing title  ” Parametric and Generative Architecture –  Epiphany or Evil?” The substantive value of this question brought to the SARP crowds. The exhibition halls were bursting at the seams. More than 200visitors were noticed.

pobrane (3)

Among exhibits visitors could find graphical coverage from the most interesting events, presentations of selected projects, models, 3D printers and drawing robots. The presented projects exploited the subjects of  phototropic structures, digital architecture, organic microstructures, generative cities, dynamic relaxation and many others.

pobrane (4)

The model of our parametric pavillion in scale 1:5 was one of the attractions during the exhibition.

pobrane (6)

Despite many hot discussions, there is still no right answer for the question in title. LabDigiFab members just took a new breath after this positive event and continued their contribution in developing new ideas in design and architecture.

All posters available in full size below- be our guest at the virtual exhibition 🙂

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