Entrance in Art Pavilion 2014

Project details:
2nd place in the competion for outdoor architectural installations at Festival “Architecture of Eastern Siberia 2014”
name: Entrance in Art Pavilion
design team: Judyta Cichocka, ЕвгенийМоскаленко, ЕкатеринаМатель, АннаМартынова, Piotr Halczuk, Marcin Kosicki
construction team: ДенисоваЕлизавета, ЛовчагинаЕкатерина, ЛипкинаАнастасия, МательЕкатерина, МоскаленкоЕвгений
Construction: 25-29 June 2014
location: square near to the Krasnoyarsk Museum Center – of Modern Art; Красноярскиймузейныйцентр. Площадь Мира, 1, Красноярск, Россия 660097

Why in Siberia?
The competition for the best outdoor architectural installation was aimed to young architects. Judyta Cichocka realizing her study exchange in Irkutsk was appointed  to muster design team. In this way international design team from Wrocław University of Technology and  Irkutsk State Technical University was build up. The design phase started in April 2014 in Irkutsk and ended  in June 2014 in Wrocław.

Ideaconception 2

The aim of the project was to grab the attention of people passing by and direct them to the place of the festival.  The budget for the installation was relatively low, so that we decided to build the pavilion from thin wood laths. Distributing all laths on 3000x1500mm, 6,5 mm thin birch plywood sheets, we had almost no losses of material!

pavilon CNC_sheets

Final project was on L-shape plan with two separate series of  laths. First series of laths r was a simple grid on a surface created on the basis of catenary chains. The second layer of laths was additional and not necessary for the stability of the whole construction, but it nicely complemented structure with systems of  laths based  on the Bezier curve gradient . The simple renders of the final project are presented below. 

entance in art pavilion - final renders

The completion was held in two stages. At the first stage, the jury (Begyshev A. Zykov E. Kovalevsky C. Kozak A.) on 18th of June 2014 chose from all proposals five, which were  built during the Festival  “ARCHITECTURE OF EASTERN SIBERIA 2014” around Krasnoyarsk Museum Center. The second stage of competition took place after construction of all five installations. The other projects, you may see here: http://mira1.ru/news/2092.

Finally, we got second place in the whole competition!

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