Parametric Pavilion 2012

Jawor Design Studio and LabDigiFab

Parametric Pavilion 2012 at Wrocław University of Technology

Wroclaw, Poland
2013 Be Inspired Award Finalist – Innovation in Generative Design

The goal of this project was to create a structure that could be used for sun and rain protection, and that could be built with available technology for CNC cutting and woodworking. Jawor Design Studio and LabDigiFab used MicroStation to generate three B-spline surfaces to form the geometry of the pavilion.

GenerativeComponents was used to further refine the geometry. Because of the shape of the B-spline surface, generated beams were unique. The designers placed identification tags on all items to aid in the efficient and proper construction of all elements. This reduced material consumption and, consequently, cost and time. The generative design approach allowed the team to find the optimal geometry for a functional pavilion.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The movie below will let you  to follow the design process from the sketch to the human-scale realization.

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