Przemek Jaworski (find more  about/people):

  1. Inside Smartgeometry: Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design‘, rozdział : ‘Exploring Human–Computer Interaction in Design Process by Flora Salim and Przemek Jaworski’ , Terri Peters, Brady Peters, str.166-175, ISBN : 978-1-1185-2247-9
  2. Using simulations and artificial life algorithms to grow elements of construction – Master Thesis, University College of London , 2006 (PDF)
  3. rozdział w ksiażce – “Arduino and Kinect Projects: Design, Build, Blow Their Minds“, E.R.Melgar, C.Castro, P.Jaworski, 2012, Apress, ISBN 1430241675
  4. artykuł – “Technologia BIM w tworzeniu nowej formy – BIMtechnology in creation a new form”, P.Jaworski, 1/2012, str.68-75, ISSN: 1506-5928
  5. artykuł – ‘Form Fostering:Novel Approaches to Ambient and Interactive Parametric Modeling for Collaborative Design’, InternationalJournal of Architectural Computing, vol 8, issue 3, Flora Dilys Salim, Hugo Mulder, Przemyslaw Jaworski, JamesWillems Ransom, Pierre Cutellic, Takehiko Iseki, Stefan Di Leo, Yelta Köm, Marzec 2011, strony : 377-398, ISSN1478-0771
  6. publikacja – ‘Demonstration of an Open Platform for Tangible and Social Interactions withResponsive Models’, Salim, F. D., Mulder, H., Jaworski, P., Association for Computer Aided Design inArchitecture (ACADIA) 2010 Conference – Life in:formation, New York, US, 21-24 October 2010

Judyta Cichocka (find more  about/people):

  1. Judyta Cichocka , Musikhina E.A, Methods of Optimization in ArchitectureResearch Journal of International Studies, ISSN 2303-9868, №1 (20) 2014 Part 3, s. 109-111, Russia

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