Tutorials & Manuals


install software with the below order:

1. Rhino 5: www.rhino3d.com/download (evaluation)
2. add-on Microsoft Visual C++: www.microsoft.com (version 32-bit (vcredist_x86.EXE))
3. Grasshopper : www.grasshopper3d.com/download (email required)
4. Grasshopper add-ons: www.food4rhino.com

official grasshopper community website: www.grasshopper3d.com

Handbook and Manuals:

  • Grasshopper Primer – Second Edition (2009) A.Payne, R.Issa (PDF)
  • Rhino Grasshopper Tutorial (2009) Woo Jae (PDF)
  • Algorithmic Modeling with Grasshopper (2008) Mohamad Khabazi (PDF)
  • Generative Algorithms- Porus structures (ZIP)
  • Generative Algorithms – Strip Morphologies (ZIP)
  • Generative Algorithms – Weaving (PDF)


install software: http://www.bentley.com/en-US/Promo/Generative+Components/Special+Offers.htm

official Bentley Institute tutorial (pdf):http://ftp2.bentley.com/dist/collateral/docs/microstation_generativecomponents/microstation_GC_v8i_

tutorials in Polish: GC#1 beginner, GC#2 parametric roof, GC#3 components


download and install: processing.org
official Processing website: http://processing.org/
Learning Processing: http://www.learningprocessing.com/
tutorials in Polish: P#1 introduction, P#2 Bezier curves

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